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Hill Tree Roastery started from a passion for coffee. Today, Hill Tree Roastery is a thriving local business in Huntington, West Virginia.

This past year was great for business and consumers can tell. Alek Dailey was very pleased with Hill Tree Roastery’s accomplishments for the year 2019.

“Every month brought in new and amazing experiences with retail locations and new friendships made over coffee,” Alek said. “One of the greatest experiences was when people would come into the shop on roast days just to sit and talk coffee and get to know each other.”

The idea for Hill Tree Roastery came from simple beginnings. Alek Dailey and Bryan Shaw were both passionate about coffee and wanted to connect with people who shared their same love.

“Ever since I tasted how coffee should be prepared and served, I had that instantaneous connection to the work that crop had on human culture by pulling people together and dropping the draw bridge of difference we have with one another,” Alek said. “With this, I felt like we needed to start this company not just to bring better coffee but to bring a new way for people to connect.”

In the new year, Hill Tree Roastery wants to become more involved with the community.

“I want us to become more socially responsible in our community,” Alek said. “I always love seeing how the power of a local business can improve their community though events and activities.”

Hill Tree Roastery also has more long-term goals that they hope to reach in years to come.

“As we grow into the company, I have always envisioned us becoming a full-scale espresso bar and have more hands- on education tasting events,” Alek said.

So there you have it folks! From humble beginnings to growing business. There are lots of new and exciting things coming in the year 2020 with a fantastic local business, so look out coffee lovers!
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