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The culture of coffee has always been about building and foundering relationships. As a small batch, organic, single origin coffee roaster, we work to build relationships with our customers and the farmers who grow and process the best coffee beans.  
We also want to make our contribution to the welfare of the local community by supporting entrepreneurship as well as supporting the farmers who grow our coffee by using Fair Trade, Sustainable Production and Organic products whenever possible.
In 2017 we launched Hill Tree Roastery in Huntington, West Virginia with passion for roasting coffee and the goal of creating great coffee conversations.  However, we know that couldn't happen without the hard work put forth by the farmers that cultivate the beans.  At Hill Tree, when we hear the word “grounds” we think about more than the Hill Tree Coffee grounds you will use to brew your perfect cup of coffee. We think about the grounds tended to by farmers where we ethically source our organic coffee beans. Grounds where 5th generation farmers train their children to grow a crop that will support their families for generations to come.  We want you to be proud when you have your next cup of Hill Tree Coffee, knowing that the grounds used to make it are from the grounds that support farmer’s families.
Hi, my name is Alek, the founder/ Roaster of Hill Tree Roastery. I've always been fascinated by the process of sourcing, roasting, brew methodology of coffee and I'm passionate about the relationships involved in doing it sustainably. I truly believe great coffee goes beyond the cup and explores the many individuals behind the scenes and their unique stories. I've found how coffee can bring people together and be the center fold of shared experiences as well as inspire us to connect, create community, and to explore the world though coffee one cup at a time.
Alek Dailey is the Founder of Hill Tree Roastery and has been in the coffee business for 6 years now, cultivating roasting techniques from around the world to bring to his home town Huntington, WV.  Alek believes in the power of coffee has on building relationships between people, cultures, countries,  because some of the best moments in time have happened over a cup of coffee. 

Hello! I am Bryan, the CoFounder / Business Developer of Hill Tree Roastery and I have always been excited about small business startups and coffee. In my mind, one doesn’t happen without the other. The opportunity to bring the most precious of all commodities to market, in a way that our customers appreciate and enjoy as much I do, has been extremely satisfying. Since the early popups and market testing, we have sought feedback from our customers, made countless changes, created great relationships, all in an effort to provide the best coffee around.

Bryan Shaw is the Cofounder of Hill Tree Roastery as well as successful entrepreneur and an accomplished business development professional.  Bringing proven leadership in sales and marketing, strategic planning, and product development he too has seen the business opportunities and friendships that are created over a cup of coffee.
So, the next time you are looking for coffee to compliment your conversations, to help with that creative spark, or simply taking a minute to reflect, we would love for you to try a cup of fresh roasted Hill Tree coffee, and then tell us what you think. As always, the team at Hill Tree Roastery thanks you for your support.