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What exactly is single origin coffee?
Single origin means it comes from a specific location and it is not mixed with other beans to get a certain flavor. Essentially the bean is allowed to speak for itself. Often, no cream or sugar is added and the true aroma and flavor shine through.

This is the approach that Hill Tree Roastery has taken in its business.

“People often say they can drink our coffee black without cream or sugar. I believe it’s because they are able to enjoy the many undertones, like chocolate, blueberries, lemongrass, etc. that a single origin coffee offers.” Bryan Shaw said. “Blends could consist of 3-9 beans which I feel would mask the individual flavors.”

Single origin coffee, since it originates from a pinpointed geographic location, specific flavors can only be produced at certain times of the year. This makes single origin coffee more specified and in some ways unique compared to blended coffees.

This also means that prices can vary. Single origin coffee is typically slightly more expensive than blends. But it’s important to remember you are paying for quality. Blends can be produced at any time of the year because so many different beans are used to make them. Single origin should definitely be your go to if you are seeking quality over quantity.

To sum it up folks, if you are looking for great single origin coffee, Hill Tree Roastery definitely has five stars and it’s local. You can’t get much better than that!

Tessa Meriwether - Staff Writer

Tessa is a coffee aficionado, multimedia journalist, and graduate of the University of Texas in Austin currently working as a freelance journalist in Lubbock, TX.  To learn more, click here:

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