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With summer upon us, a hot cup of coffee in the afternoon or evening may not be ideal.   No worries, check out this super simple cold brew concentrate you can make overnight with your favorite fresh roasted Hill Tree Coffee.

 You will need the following:

  • French Press
  • Some amazing fresh roasted Hill Tree Coffee. ; )
  • Water
  • Beverage container and fine mesh strainer
  • Your favorite sweetener.  
  1. Add 4 oz ( 8 tbsp ) of coarse ground coffee to the bottom of the French Press.
  2. Pour 3 cups of cold or room temp water over the grounds gently.
  3. Gently stir to get all of the grounds wet.
  4. I like to press the plunger down, just far enough to make sure the grounds are under the water line but not all the way down.  
  5. Let sit for 14-18 hours at room temperature.  The longer it sits, the stronger it will be.
Press the plunger on the press and then strain with a fine mesh strainer into covered jar or vessel for storing the cold brew in your refrigerator.HILL TREE ROASTERY COFFEE FRENCH PRESS WITH JAR AND STRAINER
  1. Congratulations!!  You now have a cold brew concentrate! HILL TREE ROASTERY COLD BREW COFFEE CONCENTRATE

Of course making it is only half of the process.  Now it's time to serve!  Remember, this is a coffee concentrate, so you will likely want to mix in some water to take the edge off. : )

  1. Pour one part coffee concentrate into a glass and add 1 part water. 
  2. Add your desired amount of ice.
  3. Add cream or sugar to taste and give it a stir.  Or just enjoy the crazy smooth Hill Tree cold brewed coffee!HILL TREE ROASTERY COLD BREW CONCENTRATE COFFEE


-Bryan Shaw / CoFounder

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