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Come with us as we journey through the rugged terrains of Papua New Guinea, where coffee - and volcanoes! - are plentiful. Papua New Guinea (or PNG for short), is a part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, which is brimming with tectonic activity. This activity is a result of the tectonic plates shifting and moving which cause the rumbling vibrations we feel in an earthquake. Home to over 60 active volcanoes, the Pacific Ring of Fire is one of the most volcanically active regions in the world.


But what do volcanoes and coffee have in common? The volcanic soil in high-altitude regions help coffee beans soak up the mineral-rich goodness that creates a brew that unleashes an explosive burst of flavor that will awaken your senses! Volcanic activity can have positive and negative effects on the biodiversity in PNG’s lush rainforests. The obvious destruction of land is the most profound negative aspect of volcanic eruptions, but surprisingly these eruptions can also create habitats with soil rich in minerals and nutrients. This rich soil promotes the growth of vegetation which can be beneficial for plant diversity - including coffee!

The coffee trees exist in the lush forests where the beans absorb the flavors of the diverse flora. Different regions will have a variety of trees and land which produce the different flavor notes found in the coffee beans. The Papua New Guinea region doesn't shy away from variety but Arabica and Robusta play the leading roles. Since coffee trees prefer a higher altitude that allows beans to mature more slowly, developing nuanced flavors, PNG’s rugged and mountainous terrain is a perfect fit.

The people of PNG are as vibrant and diverse as the land. PNG singsings (festivals) combine traditional dances with masks or headdresses woven from birds-of-paradise features. The cultural diversity in PNG is a mosaic of over 800 indigenous Melanesian languages where coffee is a crucial economic commodity. With nearly a third of the population relying on coffee for part if not all of their livelihood, it is an integral part of the local economy.

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Christie Michele - Coffee Contributor / Staff Writer

Christie is a programmer, data nerd, and blogger. Christie is the founder of Athena Blue ( where she works as a web and database programmer, along with her Health and Wellness page The Plant Based Nerd

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