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Hill Tree Roastery LLC

Size: 12oz  Roast: Dark

Tasting Notes

This is a great natural process Brazil bean, heavy-bodied with citric acidity....and tasting notes of chocolate, butter toffee, and yellow fruits. This is perfect for any occasion or time of day.  Cheers!

Origin Notes:

This farm is located in the Cerrado Mineiro region of Brazil and is cultivated at an elevation of 1200m by regional farmer Junior Rocha.

One of every three cups of coffee consumed in the world is Brazilian. So it’s no surprise as the producer of a third of the world’s coffee that Brazil is also its number 1 exporter.

About 90% of those exports are high-quality Arabica. Brazilian Arabica is found in many of the world’s favorite espresso blends as it has a mild and balanced flavor.

Brazil’s coffee-making regions are very diverse with different levels of altitudes, plant varieties, and production systems. Some are in high-altitude, mountainous regions where coffee needs to be handpicked; others grow on flat farms where labor can be mechanized.

Much like wine varieties differ greatly based on the local terroir and climate, each coffee from every different region of Brazil has a specific taste, body, acidity, and sweetness. Five Brazilian coffee regions have received protected Geographical Indication (GI) status that designates their characteristics unique to their origin. These are:

  1. Cerrado Mineiro
  2. Região de Pinhal
  3. Alta Mogiana
  4. Norte Pioneiro do Paraná
  5. Serra da Mantiqueira de Minas Gerais