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Hill Tree Roastery LLC

Cerrado Mineiro was the first coffee region recognized by the Specialty Coffee Association with the Designation of Origin label. Our coffee from Cerrado Mineiro comes from Fazenda Bom Café, a family-owned farm managed by their youngest daughter Leticia Borges.

The Cerrado Mineiro has a dry climate during the harvest period, which causes the coffee to suffer less with moisture after harvesting.  The Araxá region where this crop originated has ideal relief, soil, and climate characteristics for the special grain. The weather conditions are excellent for coffee production, with slightly higher rainfall, which influences the development of the plants resulting in a high sieve, that is, a coarse grain

Tasting Notes: 

Notes of caramel and nuts come out right before the first crack followed by some honey and floral. You can also find some lemongrass and camomile tea aromas when you first grind and cup this coffee.