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Hill Tree Roastery LLC


Tasting notes:

Medium body, citric acidity and notes of dark fruits and spices. Think: blackberry, black currant and plum, plus dark chocolate, black pepper and cloves.

Origin Notes: Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa — slightly larger than two Californias —with Kenya to its north, Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia to the south, and the Indian Ocean along its east coast. The mountainous region of Mbeya, also known as the Southern Highlands, is at Tanzania’s southwestern edge. It has a subtropical highland climate, with humid summers, dry winters, abundant rainfall and rich, volcanic soil — all of which contribute to coffees with a medium body and unique citric acidity.

With altitudes reaching more than 2,200 meters above sea level, Mbeya is a one of the coolest areas in Tanzania, and temperatures sometimes dropping into single digits (Celsius). Unlike in the north, where the rain comes twice, Mbeya has one long rainy season, from October to March.

Our Iyenga comes from the Iyenga Cooperative, near the town of Mbozi in the region of Mbeya. The cooperative was established in 2003, with a membership of 64 farmersand it has since grown to 193 members.

Most members' farms are between 0.5 and 1.5 hectares, and most are intercropped with bananas, beans and maize, though coffee production is the primary source of income.