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Hill Tree Roastery LLC

Size: 12oz  Roast: Medium

Tasting Notes:

This cup offers a sweet, chocolatey, and floral taste with a full creamy body we think you will truly enjoy!

Origin Notes:

La Florida Peruvian coffees continue to evolve and are beginning to show signs of real character and depth. This year's organic coffee crop of La Florida shows a sophistication that is mature and makes for a great cup of coffee.

In 1965, a group of small-scale coffee farmers from the Chanchamayo region came together to establish the La Florida Cooperative. Since its founding, the organization has grown significantly and has been working together to improve the quality of coffee that La Florida produces. Their revenue from Fair Trade sales brings education and infrastructure to this rural area. The co-op has established The Occupational Learning Center for Sustainable Agriculture, which offers training in environmentally friendly farming techniques, as well as providing healthcare services in rural areas. For more than 13 years, La Florida has been committed to providing high-quality, certified-organic coffee to buyers and strives for improvements in environmental protection, the quality of life of community members, and the quality of their product.