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Hill Tree Roastery LLC

Size: 12oz  Roast: Medium 

Tasting Notes:

Rich and deeply sweet, this Guatemala leads with nut and stone fruit tones (think cashew and nectarine) supported by maple syrup and fresh-cut cedar. Crisply sweet structure with gentle, round acidity; lightly syrupy body. The floral-toned finish centers around notes of honeysuckle and cashew, rounding to sweet maple syrup and cedar in the long finish.

Origin Notes:

The ‘Pastores’ mill was originally built as a flour mill in the 1800s. The mill bought wheat from producers, processed and sold it as flour. The same method is used nowadays with coffee.

After more than 200 years of near-constant renovation and adaptation, Pastores is adding yet another chapter to its book: a brand new wet mill. The wet mill allows Pastores to be more efficient in separating the best quality cherries after harvest. Additionally, Pastores uses roughly 80% less water in processing. But it doesn't stop there: Pastores is now using its best cherries for natural processed coffees.

Guatemalan producers are constantly looking for better growing conditions: richer soil; advantageous micro-climates; and ideal shade conditions. Farmers are investing in moving to higher grounds to increase their options for growing specialty coffees. Producers are dedicating lands at higher altitudes to planting traditional varietals that produce differentiated cup qualities.