Hill Tree Roastery LLC

Sao Francisco is a decent sized family farm that uses very modern techniques to produce the beans, big mechanical harvesters and fields and fields of coffee are quite astonishing to the eye. (Very tasty beans at a reasonable price). Picked, sorted and dried to perfection – almost every detail of growth and processing is tracked and monitored so they can constantly improve the quality of the coffee.

It really seemed you could toss a seed at any time during the year and it would grow and thrive – a perfect place to grow almost anything (year-round) and it was at enough altitude to produce denser coffee – about 4000 feet average.

Tasting Notes: Very tasty but a decently stronger cup than last year. Strong notes of semi sweet malt and bakers chocolate with a bit of brightness behind it. Gets a cool mix of floral, fruit, caramel, malt, smoke and nuttiness. Very dependant on roast level; Darker roasts smooth out the cup a bit turn it into a low acidity cup – moving it into the fuller bodied catagory. Lighter roasts will have a new crop acidic zing to it but get more fruit upfront.